Please join us in praying over this global pandemic by following the guidelines here.

Geyer Road Baptist Church offers several prayer ministry opportunities!

Anyone who desires for our church family to pray for a physical or spiritual need may make a request. We would also love to lift up your praises to God. If you would like to submit a prayer request or praise to the Prayer Ministry, please click here. Our Weekly Prayer List is available to download, and paper copies are available in the elevator foyer and in Sunday School rooms. This list includes praises, current spiritual requests of our church, and other needs for church members, friends, and relatives.

Quiet Time

A new level of fulfillment and usefulness to God can be achieved when you learn the pattern of pulling aside each day to read Scripture, converse with God, and pray for people. God will start a spiritual fire in your life and His Church as His people learn to pray and submit their time to prayer.

Women’s Tuesday Morning Prayer Time

Our Women’s Prayer Time meets in homes of our church members, and we focus on the spiritual needs of the church. To get more information on our upcoming meeting place, please contact Karen at or the church office at or 314.821.3651.

Evangelistic Prayer Group

The Evangelistic Prayer Group meets to pray with Scripture for the salvation and spiritual renewal of specific people, who are kept confidential to this group. We are very aware that only God knows the hearts of all men (1 Kings 8:39).

Messengers of Encouragement

Our Messengers of Encouragement send notes to people for whom Geyer Road Baptist Church is prayer on the prayer list. We also send notes to the workers in our church to lift them up in their service and ministry.

Prayer Block Intercessors

We base our prayer block on the pattern in Exodus 29:38-46 using the morning and evening sacrifices as a model. While you are not expected to pray for the entire 12-hour time period, we ask you to pray some time during that 12-hour block. New requests begin every other month starting in January. If you would like to be assigned a time, please contact Karen at or the church office at or 314.821.3651.

Sunday Morning Prayer Intercessors

During our Sunday morning worship time, one person is scheduled to pray continuously in the prayer room, home, or somewhere in the building. The prayer room, which is located through the door by the piano in the sanctuary, is also available during weekly office hours, Monday through Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm. Prayer prompts and an outline of the sermon are available to pray over. If you would like to be assigned a Sunday, please contact Karen at or the church office at or 314.821.3651.

Prayer Letters

After our Sunday evening service, letters are sent to 3 people for whom we prayed during the corporate prayer time. These letters are signed by those who were present and sent out as a reminder and encouragement from the church.

National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer is observed annually in our nation on the first Thursday of May. Many of the churches in Kirkwood participate in a program and prayer time at McEntee Memorial Park at Noon. The National Day of Prayer is observed at Geyer Road Baptist Church during our Morning Worship Service the Sunday preceding the official National Day of Prayer.